o   Boys (Elementary, Middle, JV, Varsity)

o   Girls (Elementary, Middle, JV, Varsity)

o   Overall Co-ed Team (includes JV & Varsity)

Team scores for each category are based on points earned by individual riders for his/her respective team. Individual points earned by the top 4 riders from each team are counted toward the team score at each race. Points earned by riders outside a team’s top 4 will not be added to team’s score; however, the rider retains the points. This means the rider serves as a pusher. While only the top 4 riders add points to the team’s total, every rider counts and every place is valuable.

The Overall Co-ed Team Category is awarded at the end of the season. Team scores are combined from both girls (JV & Varsity) and boys (JV & Varsity). Points earned by girls are equal to points earned by boys. Middle School and Elementary are not included in Overall High School Co-ed Team Category.

  • Varsity Points (200-1)

  • JV Points (150-1)

  • Middle School (150-1)

  • Elementary (150-1)



o   Boys (Elementary, Middle, JV, Varsity)

o   Girls (Elementary, Middle, JV, Varsity) 

Individual points are awarded at each race. These are the same points that are used in team scoring. Individuals do not need a team to compete for individual honors. In each category, the rider with the highest point total is the Series Leader and wears Leader’s Jersey. A rider is not required to race in all 5 races to compete for individual standings. Top 4 results count towards overall individual standing.

Overall individual scores are based on the rider’s results. Leader’s Jersey is worn by the rider with the highest point total at any given point during the season. While the Leader’s Jersey may shuffle at the end of the season when one race is dropped from overall points, a rider cannot drop a race during the season.